Maximise your personal brand and impact for success

Jan Carrington Corporate and Personal Image Consultancy specialises in maximising the personal brand and impact of both Corporate and Individual clients.

Research shows that others judge us within 30 seconds of meeting. What would they say about you or your people? The appearance and impression of a person, together with how they interact with clients or handle a business event can enhance or damage how an individual, business or brand are perceived.

Through Executive One-to-One Coaching and Group Workshops for Corporate clients or Personal Consultations for Individuals, Jan works with you to create a positive personal brand and maximise personal impact, ensuring you are remembered for all the right reasons.

Jan’s Philosophy

I am driven by my values and beliefs, so it’s important for me to provide and gain trust and respect to create a professional environment when working with others. I have a collaborative style and intuitive approach with clients and colleagues, which enables me to guide them to discover their full potential.