About Jan Carrington

Jan’s Philosophy

I am driven by my values and beliefs, so it’s important for me to provide and gain trust and respect to create a professional environment when working with others. I have a collaborative style and intuitive approach with clients and colleagues, which enables me to guide them to discover their full potential.

Jan Carrington has an extensive corporate background and broad experience which enables her to work with both organisations and individuals, using her natural intuition and flexibility of approach to create the right solutions within the potentially sensitive area of personal impact and image.

With more than 20 years in blue chip international organisations in the UK, East and South Asia, the Middle East, Continental Europe and the United States, along with the UK public sector, Jan focuses specifically on the impact of both business and personal image, realising that these are key factors in the success of individuals and companies.

Additionally, Jan works closely with a London based organisation specialising in career management, career transition and coaching. Her skills provide support to programmes across all of these areas, creating and delivering bespoke Personal Branding and Impact workshops.

Jan designs and delivers a range of proven strategies that enable individuals to review and improve their personal branding, as well as supporting organisations across many sectors.

Jan exudes confidence about her knowledge of the subject. The way she talked things through with me instilled confidence in me and increased my self worth, helping me gain a perception of how to change and recognise opportunities. Highly professional.

Senior Consultant, Financial Services

Jan’s eye for detail and instinctive feel for how we should look and sound is the key to her success. Getting the image right goes a long way to improving poise, confidence and, ultimately, performance.

Senior Executive, Financial Services

Working with Jan has been absolutely fantastic. She knows just how far to push you so that any changes you make will take you out of your comfort zone yet are still manageable.

Company Director, Business Consultancy

Just before I was due to take over as CEO, I asked Jan to help me polish up my personal presentation. Her straight-forward style supports you to make some different choices, bringing a sense of liberation and fun into the journey. Afterwards, people could see I had done something different but couldn’t quite put their finger on what. That’s an achievement!

CEO, Financial Sector

As part of my career development I worked with Jan on my personal ‘brand’, my image, my presentation skills and my interview skills - I was amazed at how much we covered in the time and the fantastic advice and simple tools that Jan gave me. I put all these things into effect and presented the new ‘enhanced’ me at my first chief executive’s interview and I got the job! I am in no doubt that the coaching, support, guidance and brilliant advice Jan gave me shaped how I presented myself in my current role and had a fundamental impact on my performance and chances of success in my interview - it’s the best development I have undertaken so far!

Principal, Education

Jan worked with me to improve my brand through my personal image. As an image-conscious individual, I was at something of a low point at the time, but Jan handled my crisis of self-doubt with great compassion and sensitivity. Her suggestions proved invaluable and my confidence improved in line with my image. 12 years on, I still use her advice when picking out new clothing for the office. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Project Manager, Automotive Industry

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