A day with the First Woman Master Tailor on Savile Row, Kathryn Sargent

Jan Carrington with Kathryn Sargent master tailor

Recently I spent an inspirational day working with Kathryn Sargent, the first woman master tailor on Savile Row. This was part of my personal development, something that is too easy to forget when you have your own business!

Kathryn and I first met about 15 years ago. I had just set up my business and wanted to understand how men’s tailoring was constructed. So I took myself off to Savile Row, where else? I spent two days with the head cutter at Gieves and Hawkes, and at that time Kathryn, the only woman, was part of the team.

She subsequently became the first woman to rise to the position of head cutter, and in 2012 set up her own luxury bespoke tailoring house.

Roll forward to 2016, and I reconnected with Kathryn through research on behalf of a client. I was delighted to hear that, once again, she has made history, this time by becoming the first woman to launch her eponymous store on Savile Row.

And, with more professional women seeking investment tailored pieces for their working wardrobes, I was interested to find out about her expertise in the area of women’s bespoke tailoring.

Kathryn Sargent at her Savile Row tailoring house

During the day I spent with her I was impressed, not only by her own engaging and welcoming approach, but also that of her team. From the moment you walk into her Savile Row boutique, you notice how the interior clearly reflects the tradition of bespoke tailoring found on this iconic street, together with the relaxed and welcoming ambience of a forward-thinking 21st century business.

I also clearly felt the synergies between our brand values; the importance of purpose, authenticity, consistency, constant evolution, and the key element - totally enjoying what we do!

So, an inspiring day for me, and one that reminds me of the importance of both reconnection and of reaching out to new networks. Who knows where it may lead? It may lead you, like me, to Savile Row!

If you’d like to explore how to reconnect or reach out to new networks, please contact me for more information.