All Change - how prepared are you?

In the current economic climate we are constantly reminded that changes must be made here too, with reductions in spending for all business sectors, both public and private. What about you in relation to this change? I understand these are challenging times for many, but it may be an opportunity to take a close look at ‘you’ and do something different, something you always wanted to do.

It is possible. Over 8 years ago I volunteered to take redundancy; some said I was mad, brave or even both! However it provided me with a springboard to stop, reflect and decide what I wanted to do with my future and how to utilise my skills, strengths and experience. I decided to set up my business which I am pleased to say is developing and moving forward year on year. I am not saying it was easy, however it felt so right at that moment in time and I haven’t looked back since. Interestingly, I have learnt so much about myself, skills that were latent or I didn’t even know I possessed, which have developed and are now part of my armoury.

When was the last time you held that mirror, metaphorically, in front of you and really looked at you? Do you like what you see, is it time to revise ‘you’ and decide which direction you want to move towards. How far does your network reach? Who knows you? How prepared are you in this fast-moving, ever changing world in which we find ourselves?

Currently I am working with organisations that are taking a proactive approach and anticipating probable changes by providing opportunities for individuals to prepare themselves for the future, whatever that may look like. As part of a suite of skills-based programmes, I am working on each individual’s personal brand and how they can package their skills, strengths and experience so that, if required, they can market themselves effectively to a new employer. This may also include an individual’s personal packaging and whether it needs an update, advising which pieces they can purchase to ensure they look current and to create the right look for their personal brand and lifestyle.

Perhaps as you are reading this, your job situation may be changing, you are seeking a new position or you simply want to be ahead of the game. Consider these areas as part of your assessment of where you are now and where you want to be:

You may want to share your responses and seek feedback from someone that you trust and respect. Have you a mentor or buddy where you working? Or maybe you feel it’s right for you to seek the guidance of a professional.

Whatever you decide, one final thought - from the title of one of my favourite books by Susan Jeffers - ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’