Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration!

Doug Carrington at base camp mount Everest
Doug Carrington at base camp mount Everest

Well, what an interesting political landscape we find ourselves witnessing over the past couple of weeks - forget ‘Location, Location, Location’, it’s more like ‘Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration’! There has been lots of talk about respect, teamwork and embracing each other differences and, whilst neither party want to compromise on their fundamental values and beliefs, solutions are being explored in order to meet the huge challenges ahead.

A challenge closer to home involving teamwork was my husband Doug’s achievement of reaching base camp Everest in March, a personal challenge to mark his 50th birthday (although personally I thought a Harley Davidson would do!). It is certainly an experience he will not forget and was made possible, not only by his own determination, but by the amount of support that he received during the expedition.

Over 100 people made up the team of support staff, including the famous sherpas and porters, who also had to face difficult physical demands in order to help the overall group of 37 achieve their dream of reaching Everest Base Camp. Doug said that it was definitely the case that the whole of the team was greater than the sum of the individuals. They all had their good and bad days en route, however the team kept them going. As we know good teamwork means compromise and collaboration to help in achieving the overall goal!

Which is how I view the work that I undertake with individuals around their personal brand. We’re working as a team, exploring ways to enable the person to be the best they can be in line with their career and life goals. Often I will collaborate with other professionals, such as executive coaches, hair stylists and voice coaches, to help create a positive personal brand and maximise their personal impact so they’re ready to take on their next challenge, whether that be securing their dream job, the next promotion on the board or to gain greater self esteem.