Inspiration - who inspires you?

I think we exhausted the list of superlatives to describe the personal achievements during the Olympics and the Paralympics, however one word consistently used was ‘inspirational’. Interestingly a recent survey result quoted that 85% of us think that the Paralympians are excellent role models for young people; I’d say not just for the young but for all ages.

The subject of role models was also mentioned by a commentator during the Olympics, making the distinction between Olympians and celebrity culture, reality shows and footballers. They observed how refreshing it was to see these athletes who are articulate, passionate about what they want to achieve and prepared to work hard and be the best they can, often for little monetary reward. Unfortunately, Ashley Cole’s recent Twitter outburst reinforces that distinction and tends to make one hanker for the Olympics all over again.

So who are your role models and why do they inspire you? What effect did the Olympics and Paralympics have on you? How can we transfer those values to ourselves and others?