International Women of Excellence Workshop in Milan

Milan Shopping Area
Milan Shopping Area

Recently I presented at a workshop in Milan for the organisation IWE, International Women of Excellence. It was a real pleasure to meet such talented, intelligent and stylish businesswomen. It struck me how they embraced their individuality, authenticity and style through the way they dressed. Not a cloned look in sight!

My first time working in Milan and I did manage some ‘me’ time, sampling the delights of shopping, sightseeing and people watching, a great experience.

And finally, I thought I’d share a message I received from one of the many beautiful Milanese women at the IWE workshop. I had a tear in my eye reading her words to me; you really do not realise the impact that you have on others sometimes.

“I cannot say goodbye without sincerely thanking you again for the enthusiasm you were able to arouse yesterday. Back to [the] daily routine, I still have your encouraging face in my eyes, and hear your voice. Yesterday, it all seemed so very possible... Thank you.”